Hilde Coppi
Hilda (Hilde) Coppi was born may 30, 1909 in Berlin.
Hilde was a convinced Communist and worked for  "Rote Kapelle", a German resistance group, and Soviet
spy ring.
On August 5, 1943 at 7.24 p.m. Hilde went to the guillotine inside the prison of Plözensee, Berlin.
She was then 33 years old.
Hilde's execution is well recorded by the German authorities. Hilde had her hands cuffed at her back and
was led into the execution room. A guard confirmed her identity before passing her to the executioner. He
pulled the curtain away that hided the Guillotine. Hilde was composed as she was led to the Guillotine. She
had the upper part of her her clothes pulled down leaving her shoulders bare. Then she was placed and
strapped to the Guillotine and the blade rushed down. It took 3 seconds from her entry until she was
handled to the executioner. 5 more seconds passed until her head was off.
Hilde's body was placed in the cofin that was hidden next door. Her body was turned over to Dr. Stieve,
who made research in her genetials and even had them exposed at a medical collection in Berlin.