Eva Coo
Burned Bordello Madam
Canadian born Eva Coo was the owner of a
Together with Martha Clift she killed a man
and tried to collect his life insurance. Upon
their arrest the police found dozens of life
insurances in the brothel. They were all on
Eva's friends, acquaintances and employees,
all naming her as benificiary.
Martha confessed and agreed to testify against
Eva while Eva maintained her innocence. As a
result Martha was sent to prison and Eva to
the electric chair at Sing Sing.
On the evening of July 27, 1935 Eva nibbled a
last meal of toast, ice cream and tea as 34
witnesses assembled at the execution chamber.
At 11:00 p.m. Eva was escorted to the electric
chair by two matrons, one on each side. She
wore a blue dress with a red and white
flowered pattern.
Eva's posture was erect and her shoulders
pushed back. Her eyes were puffy from
weeping. She appeared resigned but with a
trace of her old bravado. She sat unassisted,
her white hands gripping the ends of the
armrests while five guards affixed the straps.
Her only reaction was an instictive gasp as the
death cap was put on her head. "Goodbye
darlings!" she said to the matrons - her last
At 11:07 p.m. Eva's muscular body had given
in to the current.
"Good-time Eva" was a boistrous, outgoing
blonde with a quick sense of humor. She was 5'
7'' and weighted 170 pounds. The muscular
woman was 41 years old when she received her
deadly 9 amperes.