Camila O'Gorman
Camila O'Gorman was born in 1828 in River Plate
(Argentina). Adolfo O'Gorman, Camila' father was a part
of the Irish community and a very strict man, obsessed
with religion, morality and honour. He married a high class
lady of Spanish origin. The O'Gormans were very
influential and had access to all circles. Camila herself was
a friend of  the Dictator Rosas' daughter Manuelita.
What Adolfo O'Gorman described in his letter to Rosas as
"the most atrocious and unheard of event in this century",
took place on night of 11-12 December 1847: Camila and a
young calholic priest Uladislao eloped on horseback and
headed north.
They were thought to have escaped Argentina, but they
lived a happy life together as young teachers in a small
town Goya. Camila and Uladislao felt safe respected and
loved. But one day they were discovered by a coinsidence
and captured. Rosas ordered them executed by shooting,
despite Camila was pregnant.
In the morning of August 18, 1848 the prison chaplain visited the twenty year old Camila in prison.
He "baptised" her unborn child by getting Camila to drink holy water and sprinkling a handful of
ashes on her head.
Then Camila and Uladislao were taken to the prison yard, their eyes covered. They were tied to
chairs and shot to death by a militarily firing squad.
Execution scene from a movie about Camila's life - and death!