Eva-Maria Buch
Eva Maria Buch was born January 31, 1921 in Berlin.
After she finished a catholic highscool she started to study at the Humbold University in Berlin. She
wanted to become a translator. More or less by chance the politically unexpirienced girl got in touch with
the "Rote Kapelle", a German resistance group, and Soviet spy ring.
She was arrested on October 10, 1942. She had translated an illegal article from German into French - the
forced labor should always remenber that the bombs they were making would tare apart their own family
members. During her trial she claimed she wrote the article. She was condemned to death - being smart
like a catholic and hostile like a communist!
On August 5, 1943 at 7.33 p.m. this 22 years old woman went to the guillotine inside the prison of
Plötzensee, Berlin.
For many years it was believed that she was executed by slow strangulation in the gallows at Plötzensee.
However, at the best of knowledge today she was guillotined like the other women on that evening.