Charlotte Bryant
Charlotte grew up in Ireland as a pretty
girl with dark eyes and raven hair. She
was called Darkie or Lottie and had a
passion for sex, and was very
generous to men.
Once she poisened her husband with
arsenic, and ran away with a lover.
Lotti was a quite slovenly housewife,
and she had not made it difficult for the
police to find traces of the arsenic in
her home and on her clothes.
She had been careless and somewhat
silly. Consequently Lottie was found
guilty and condemned to death.
On july 15, 1936 Charlotte sat up her
raven hair for her last appointment. If
she had looked into a mirror, she would
have noticed, that the roots of her hair
had turned white while she awaited her
execution. The 33 years old woman
stepped bravely onto the scaffold in
Exeter Prison to meet with Tom and
Albert Pierrepoint.
When Charlotte "Darkie" was a young girl in
Ireland, she was very popular with the English
soldiers. Later her passion for sex led to her fall -
through the trapdoor and hanged by the neck!