Greta Bösel
Greta Bösel was born on May 9, 1908 in Elberfeld, Germany
and was a trained nurse. She was sent to work in
Ravensbrück by her employer on August 28, 1944. Her
function was to put together female working teams. She is
supposed to have said:
"Let them rot if they can't work."
During her trial she made contradicting statement about her
role in selecting prisoners for the death camps.
On May 2, 1947, one week before her 39'th birthday Greta
had to walk to the gallows. She was hanged at 9.55 a.m.
Nooses Needed
In the late forties quite some British nooses
were needed for the German war criminals.
Avoiding the use of nooses of a lower
standard Pierrepoint introduced a chain to
adjust the lenght of the rope. This made it
possible to use the same noose more than
Greta died in the very same noose as Dorothea