The Gory Blade
Beheading was traditionally the noble
alternative to a simpel hanging.
Executed correctly this method is as
efficient as any method, even today.
However, it takes a skilled executioner
and a self-deciplined executee to be
performed smoothly.
She kneels before her executioner,
stares at the place where her head will
be rolling a moment later and lifts her
hair to expose her neck as much as
When her head falls, the body might
make an uncontrolled shudder when
falling to the side. The severed head is
often exposed to the audience as a
trophy of justice, while the headless
body becomes impersonalized - feet,
legs, breasts etc.
There are two traditional beheading
devices - axe and sword.  The axe
requires the woman to put her head on
a block - the scene might resemble the
slaughtering of a hen. A beheading with
a sword might look more elegant, but it
takes more skills to perform perfectly.
The axe has been used in Germany and
Scandinavia until the late 19'th century,
and in some German regions even until
the 1930'ies. Today the executioner's
sword still makes female heads roll in
the sand of Saudi Arabia.

Anna Månsdotter
Benita Falkenhayn
Renate von Natzmer
Lui Yaomei