Dorothea Binz
Dorothea Binz was born on March 16, 1920 in
Germany. She joined the SS when she was 19. It
was probably a good place for her to live out her
sadistic nature. Later she worked at Ravensbrück
and became Irma Grese's instructor.
In effect, this barbarous woman could conduct her
cruel beatings with a nonchalant and cavalier
attitude. A case in point was an occasion when
Dorothea came upon an Arbeitskommando (work
detail) in a woods outside the camp:
"Dorothea observed a woman that she felt was not
working hard enough. Dorothea walked over to the
woman, knocked her to the ground, and then took a
pickaxe and proceeded to chop the prisoner with it
until the lifeless body was little more than a bloody
lump. Once this matter was finished, Dorothea
cleaned her shiny boots with the dry portion of the
corpses' skirt. She then mounted her bicycle and
leisurely peddled her way back to Ravensbrück - all
as if nothing happened."
On May 2, 1947 at 9.01 Dorothea had to place her
feet on the trapdoor, be hooded and noosed by
Pierrepoint before trashing into the pit and break her