Bonnie Brown Heady
41 years old Bonnie Brown Heady
was 5' 1'' tall. She had a plump
figure but thin legs. She had brown
eyes and her hair was dark brown
with a red tint. Her face was pale.
Bonnie and her boyfriend Carl Hall
kidnapped and killed a boy for
She was executed in the Missouri
Gas Chamber on december 18,
Bonnie had been smiling when she
was sentenced to die. She was
rependend and seemed to be quite
happy about being gassed. She
chirped on cheerfuly with her soft
and pleasant voice as she was led
blindfolded into the Gas Chamber,
and while she was being strapped in
to the chair next to Carl. An extra
chair had been provided, for the
lovers to be gassed together. Carl
had a print from Bonnie's lipstick on
his chin.
Bonnie wore a green cotton dress
with slippers to the chamber. Bonnie
asked the guards not to strap her
man in too tightly "You got plenty of
room, honey?" The last audible
words of the blindfolded woman
were "Is my dress pulled down".
She was not allowed to wear any
underwear, and she had to spread
her short and thin legs wide open
for the straps!
Bonnie didn't stop twiching before
7½ minutes after the pellets were
As the deadly gas was neutralized, a
white powder fell on everything
inside the chamber.
The newsmen kept account of the events inside the gas chamber.
Cyan gas reached Bonnie's nose at 12.05, 10 seconds after the pellets
were dropped. Her head fell forward after 25 seconds of hard breathing
and backward 10 seconds later and then forward again for the last time.
She was breathing the bitter almonds for 45 seconds before she seemed
to be unconscious. Bonnie continued to make convulsions until 12.12.20
and draw her terminal breath at 12.14.10.
"Why, that's better than sex!"
Bonnie seemed to have quite a reason for commiting her crime.
Due to the cleaning procedure Bonnie was
supposed to wear as little as possible to the Gas
The warden had planned for her to be gassed in a
black bathing suit!
However, after strong public reactions she wore a
civil dress instead.