Angel Mou Pui Peng
In 1991 Angel Mou Pui Peng, a young
girl from Macau tried to smuggle 4,1
kg heroin from Thailand into
Singapore. She behaved nerveously as
she went through customs in
Singapore's Changi Airport, and
thereby brought suspicion upon her.
This made her easy to intercept, and
her worst nightmare turned into reality:
In the morning of january 6, 1995 at
5.30 a.m. Angel - then 25 years old -
was escorted by her guards to the
waiting room to be prepared:
Her arms was pinioned and a black
cloth sack was drawn over her head
and then led to a large gallows that can
accommodate up to seven prisoners.
Her bare feet was placed together on
the trapdoor, her legs strapped and the
modern style noose placed around her
At 6.00 a.m. she plummerted through
the trap and broke her neck.
Angel was now swaying silently in the
cracking rope.
What exactly did Angel fear the in crucial moment as she went through customs?
Angel was a disgraceful drugsmuggler. According to the law in Singapore there was no
alternative but to deliever her young female neck to the hangman. However the authorities took
into account that Angel was also a beloved daughter, sister and friend!
She was supposed to hang on december 23, 1994 together with two male drug trafficers. Her
body would then be returned to her family as an extremely evil christmas present. Instead she
was allowed to spend christmas with her family, and have a separate appointment with the
hangman on january 6, 1995.
After seeing the hangman her dead body was returned to her relatives and she was cremated
after a short service attended by her family and friends. Angel's sister Cecilia and a few others
watched the coffin, covered with black velvet, disappear into the furnace. Her father, reportedly
reconciled with his daughter during the "christmas-stay", broke down uncontrollably after the