Ada Bonner Leboeuf
Ada Leboeuf was a 38 years old
middle-class housewife.
She lived in Louisiana.
She was having a heated affair
with the family doctor.
Together they hired a handyman
to shoot Ada's husband.
The handyman was sentenced
to life, but Ada and her lover
was sentenced to death:
"You, Ada Bonner Leboeuf and
you T. E. Dreher, are to be
hanged by the neck until you
are dead".
While awaiting her execution
Ada had a rocking chair brought
into her cell, unlimited visitation
rights and freshly ironed
summer dresses.
The gallows room was a rectangular 12 by 18 feet with a metal
gallows build in, all painted white, and sourrounded by cells.
On February 1, 1929 it was spotlessly clean.
The gallows trap was railed by metal pipes and on a landing leading
to the Ada's cell.
At ten minutes after noon Ada's death march began. The gallows
trap was 15 feet from her cell. She was dressed in a pink
housedress. Blindfolded and limply leaning on the arm of the jailer,
Ada stepped out on the trap where the hangman began his work in
jerky movements. The jailer tied her skirt around her knees to
prevent it from "parachuting" immodestly during her fall. The
hangman lashed her ancles together.
When she stepped on the trap, Ada clapsed her hands before her in
prayer. The Sheriff was forced to step forward and move them
behind her so that the hangman could tie them there. In a high
pitched, thembling voice she implored
"Don't let me hang there too
long. Don't make me suffer any more than I have to. Oh God. Isn't
this a terrible thing? Oh God, who can do this thing? It is worse
than murder itself"
Then came the hood black with white tape and fastened by a safety
pin, muffling her voice, as the hangman adjusted the noose around
her neck:
"Oh. Oh, that rope's too tight" The jailer reassured her it
"Yes it is" Ada insisted. The jailer told her to stand up, but
she said she could not. The jailer had to support her until the
moment before the trap was sprung.
Ada's body was now swinging in the rope. The priest started to
pray. Finally two physicians came forward with their stethoscopes,
lifting her eyelids and making other tests for life. They pronounced
her dead, and after the requires interval, the Sheriff cut the rope.
She was carried out, and later the attending physicians insisted there
had been no pain to her.
At Ada's funeral, her casket is said to have been open.
Ada is led to the court by the Sheriff.