Death Row Divas
The execution of women - especially young or attractive women - has always been subject to an immense public interest. Ladies suffering the death penalty seems to have a strange, but very strong sexual appeal.

Often executed females are connected to quite unusual and even sexual oriented deeds. A gloomy "Femme Fatale" who was never allowed to fade by growing old. Furthermore her "performance" on the scaffold draws a huge attention giving her an unique sortie.

Being the lawful response to a crime, an execution is the consequence of a political decision made by the lawmakers. Therefore it can be seen as an event of ligitimate public interest.

At the same time an execution contains elements of a very private character: The condemned woman is forced to submit to a juridical bondage and torture, and furthermore each method of execution seems to be related to different sexual fetishes!

Protecting females - especially younger females - against violence and sexual abuse has been one of the primary targets of any human community ever since the dawn of Man. Therefore a paradox occurs when the society decides to execute a young woman - the authorities themselves are violating a natural taboo.

This page looks briefly into the stories of some of the actual women who has suffered the death penalty. Their crimes and punishment are primarily seen from the erotic perspective.                                  
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